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Magnesium Recycling


Developed Prototype

Magnesium Production & Recycling

Future Vision

Save the Earth


    Nowadays typhoon is growing it's size and there frequently occurred anomalous atmospheric phenomena. No one can deny that it is a consequence of change of terrestrial environment owing to CO2 emission.   The difference of vaporization between tropical area and northern area leads to the difference of salinity which drives global ocean circulation.  There is a movie in which the global warming reduces such salinity difference and finally stops the global circulation and entire American continents are frozen.  This is not science fiction but has solid scientific basis.  Some body, who insists there is no global warming but is cooling, may not understand the real picture of Earth which stands with delicate balance.

    We are obliged to pass over this Earth to our descendants as it is. We created the system to waste fossil fuels ,that were formed during millions or billions of years, in only 200 years. We must show how to recover the Earth as soon as possible.



Magnesium is the Material that the Earth Favors



     There exist 1.8 quadrillion magnesium in the ocean.  All the life forms were born there and will not live without magnesium.  It is well known that the shortage of magnesium leads to various diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes and so on.  MgO  is the medicine for stomach and Mg(OH)2 has some effect on improving water quality.

      The Earth provided us such huge resources and huge resources should be environment-friendly. We show here that magnesium is the best candidate for renewable energy sources

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